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Building a new home? 我们的低利率和灵活的付款条件为您的梦想打下坚实的基础. 我们的建设贷款使事情变得简单,一笔贷款和一个关闭过程的建设和抵押.


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Keep your costs down as your house goes up.

Building a new home in Michigan? That’s exciting! 毕竟,从平面图到油漆颜色,你都有发言权. You should also get a say in your financing options. Arbor Financial提供一种涵盖施工阶段和抵押贷款的贷款. One closing process translates into lower fees, 更少的繁文缛节,更快地完成你的新梦想家园.   

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Paint roller.

Our Construction Loans are built on these concepts:

  • One-time closing costs
  • Fixed-rate loans with low rates
  • 通过在施工阶段只支付利息来缓解你的现金流紧缩
  • Options to eliminate PMI available
  • Flexible financing terms from 10 to 30 years
  • Easy application process with a quick response
  • 贷款由Arbor金融服务,所以你总是会说到当地的人,如果你有问题

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